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What do I measure?

The air pressure in the SKP 850 tensiometer tube (HPa or mbars) which is directly the soil water potential (soil suction)


Precise management of irrigations.
Management of adjusted water stress levels for seed production.
Automatic irrigation piloting.
Studies on water bulbs in soils.
Water stress management for modeling.
Checking water potential levels before starting a soil solution sampling campaign.
Water potential measurements in unsaturated soils.
Soil water caracteristic curves.
Studies on water flows : percolation...
Studies on water ressources : refilling of the water table monitoring.
Water balance.

The SKP 850 electronic tensiometer is designed for field use and has a 0 to -999 HPa (mbar) measuring range.

The SKP 850 is a tensiometer with very fast response time. (Ceramic with very high flow)

The SKP 850 sensor has its own temperature correction (-10°C /+50°C).

The sensor is light (200 grs) and small. The SKP 850 sensor is compact, waterproof and is built for outdoor conditions.

The SKP 850 is made of stainless steel housing and white PVC shaft.

Key Advantages

MONITORING (integral pressure sensor)


Measuring range : 0 Hpa to -999 Hpa.
Output : The SKP 850 sensor exists in two versions : Differential voltage outPut . (0-100mV) : ref. SKP 850T Current loop outPut (4-20mA) : ref. SKP 850C2
Accuracy : better than 1% of full scale.
Pressure sensor : differential pressure type with integrated temperature compensation.
Offset : calibrated in our factory (SKP 850C2 sensor only; each sensor is delivered with an individual calibration certificate).
Preparation : By two capilaries tubes. One capilary is used as a purge tubing.Thanks to this purge system the SKP850 device water compartiment is free of parasitical air
Installation in the pot : since this tensiometer length is only 30 cm, it is possible to put it into the substratum without auger, by simply pushing it with the hand.
Electrical OUTPUT: On cable across nickel stuffing box.
Water refilling : by two Nylon capillaries.
Power supply : direct current; +6 to +15 Volts.
Electrical protection : the sensor is electronically protected against polarity reverse.
Temperature compensation : -10°C to +50°C.
Sensor case : Stainless steel 316 L, PVC and NYLON.
Dimensions : Ø = 20 mm. Lenght : 22 cm
Weight : about 200 gramms.
Operating temperature : -10°C à + 50°C.(with anti-freeze).
Storage temperature : -20°C à + 60°C.(without water inside sensor).

Ask for a quotation

SKP 850 Qty
Cable length (2m standard) Qty
Syringe TENS 22750
Anti-algae STM 21310
Coloring liquid (30ml)

The standard set

Each SKP 850 tensiometer tube is delivered ready to use with its capillaries, stoppers, integral pressure sensor and calibration certificate

You also need

. An auger to install the device, ref. STM 21600. . A vaccum syringe, ref. TENS 22750 to prepare the tubes and refill the capillaries. . Anti-algae liquid, ref. STM 21310 to avoid algae developpement.

Do the tensiometer tubes need to be prepared ?

As all tensiometers, these tubes have a porous ceramic cup glued on the bottom. Before placing them into the soil, the ceramic must be saturated with gasless water. This can be done with a vacuum syringe, type STM 21750.

Which type of output should I choose ?

You can choose between a differential voltage or current loop output. This choice depends on you data logger input. Usually, for cable length lower than 50 m, we recommend the choice of a voltage output (requires a stabilized power supply). For cable length longer than 50 m, you must choose a current loop output (suitable for cables of hundreds of meters).