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Being extremely small, this ceramic is basically used for very specific experimentations.
Its mounting (on nylon capillary 3x1,5mm) demands great care. Warning : because of its tiny inside diameter, it might be difficult to drain air bubbles out of the tensiometric system. You should use it in the laboratory only where it is easier to re-saturate the ceramic.

Air entry value : 1,5 Bar.
Pore size : about 1,5 micron.
Hydraulic conductivity : 5 . 10 -7cm.s-1(*).
Weight : 1 gr.
Dimensions (**) :
Outer diam. : 2,10 mm.
Total height : 20,00 mm.
(*) K is an average value calculated against a sample of 100 ceramics of the same type.
(**) Tolerances on diameter
dimensions : ± 0,5 mm.

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Ceramic SDEC 220 Qty
Ceramic SDEC 220 mounted Qty
on 1m of nylon capillary (1,5x3mm)

The standard set

The porous ceramics can be ordered individually or or fixed to a tensiometer tube for WIND system