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PTFE / QUARTZ SUCTION LYSIMETER (for trace metals) - 2440110

What do I measure?

This equipment is used for sampling only. Different analysis can be conducted on the collected soil water solution : trace metals, pesticides, nitrogen contents, ...


Trace metals analysis
Nitrogen content in soil solution

Soil solution sampling system with 3 inert PTFE / QUARTZ porous probes.

This new soil solution sampler combines the inert characteristics of PTFE which prevents any external chemical contamination of the soil solution with the good hydrological conductivity of classic porous ceramics.

Key Advantages


Operating range : 0 to -500 mbars


The sampler works in all soil types, in all depths and under all conditions.
Made of unbreakable and durable materials.
Easy to install in the soil.
Frost resistant.
Can be reinstalled in new sites after rinsing.
Does not contaminate or retain elements or chemical compounds which might interfere with the collected samples (below detection limits, see table).
Samples are collected in bottles.
These collecting bottles also function as vacuum containers.
They are provided with a special polyacetal (POM) screw cap with PTFE gasket and fittings.
They can be installed and operated under all weather conditions without specific tools.
When mounted, the system is completely airtight.
All samplers, fittings and tubings are tested individually to ensure correct functionning and high quality.

Detection limits of main elements
Al <0.01mg/L Mn <0.01mg/L B <0.01mg/L
Na <0.05mg/L C <5mg/L NH4-N <0.02mg/L
Ca <0.01mg/L NO3-N <0.02mg/L Cl <0.05mg/L
Tot N <0.02mg/L Cu <0.01mg/L P <0.05mg/L
F <0.05mg/L PO4-P <0.03mg/L Fe <0.01mg/L
S <0.05mg/L Org.C <0.05mg/L SO4-S <0.05mg/L
K <0.15mg/L Si <0.05mg/L Mg <0.01mg/L


Pore size
2 microns
OD: 21mm
L : 95mm
50 g
Porous area
33 cm2
Hydraulic conductivity
3.31 x 10-7 cm/sec
Bubble pressure
400-500 mbar
Efficiency in water
2,1 ml/cm2/hr (600mb)

Ask for a quotation

Collecting bottle 1L. Qty
Silica flour 1Kg. Qty

The standard set

The set is composed of 3 high quality glass bottles with screw type connection, 2 tubes fittings and 3 PTFE/QUARTZ probes and 2 meters of PE tubing (1.5 x 3,2 mm) Each probe can also be sold separately

You also need

. An auger to install the device, ref. STM 21600.
. Some silica flour, ref. 2440170, for installation of soil water samplers.