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Make the vacuum into the soil solution samplers (ref. SPS 200). Preparation of tensiometer tubes (ref. SMS 200, ref. STM 2150, ref. TENSIONIC, etc). All applications where a fast vaccum is required

Thanks to a new design, this self driven electric vacuum pump will give you an incomparable comfort in your field experimentation when you work on soil solution sampling.

The PAV 2000 vacuum pump is very light and has a very high electrical autonomy. Field engineers are thus really helped for vacuum making into all their lysimeters (type SPS 200). Because we use a very high quality vacuum pump, the vacuum obtained in extractor tubes is achieved in less than 15 seconds in extractor tube (average length : 75 cm). This device allows very fast actions on the field, increasing significantly the efficiency and decrease the operator's tiredness.

Key Advantages



Vacuum : to 250 mbar, i.e -750 mbar of relative vacuum (by convention, the atmospheric pressure is defined as zero mbar).
Battery : 12 Volts - 5 A/Hour, head / acid sealed type (waterproof, without maintenance).
Integrated battery charger : a battery charger, intelligent type is integrated in the enclosure. The change is done by simple connection on mains (220V-50Hz).
Charging time : about 7 hours.
Charge indicator : by L.E.D with 3 colors. RED, ORANGE or GREEN for level charge indicator. As the charge is done by current, this one can be done at any time without dammage for the battery. The battery charger will give only what the battery needs to be fully charged.
Number of charge/discharge cycles : About 400 before battery replacement.
Vacuum braker valve : used to protect the manometer, this system open enables the operator to gently break the vacuum.
Vacuum manometer : BOURDON tube type with internal mecanical brake. (0 ; -1bar) Accuracy : 1,60%
Filter : Inside the device, there is a special filter (GORETEX) to prevent the water penetration into the vacuum pump.
Weight : 5 kg
Enclosure : chassis shell type in aluminum.
Front panel : made of aluminiumwith Lexan cover (easily etachable for filter replacement).
Dimensions : 200 x 130 x 240 mm (L x w x h)
Diameter of Air pipe inlet : 8 mm
3 position switch : battery charge / Off / On
Electrical autonomy : about 5 hours in continuous running : vacuum obtained into 350 lysimeters, SPS 200 type / Ø:63mm & Length:50cm. In field conditions this vacuum pump is appropriated for one day work (12 hours) or 2 day works (6 hours). This electrical autonomy is doubled if lysimeters are 31mm diameter.
Weather protection : IP.

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PAV 2000 Qty
SPS lysimeter Ø 63mm
Length (instal. + 5cm) Qty
SPS lysimeter Ø 31mm
Length (instal. + 5cm) Qty
Collecting bottle 1L. SPS 300

The standard set

The PAV 2000 vacuum pump is delivered complete with its battery, integral battery charger and mains lead