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AS 5000 - Aerosol & iodine sampler


AS 5000 - Aerosol & iodine sampler

Trapping of iodine and aerosols in stacks, in compliance with ISO 2889 standard

The AS 5000 is a stationary equipment made for the sampling of aerosols and airborne iodine at high flow on paper filters and cartridges. It is particularly adapted for continuous sampling in stacks according to ISO 2889 standard.

The AS 5000 includes many features, such as the automatic air flow regulation with pressure and temperature compensation.

This equipment, totally designed and produced by SDEC France, has been made to resist to corrosive gases making it extremely durable and versatile. Sampling compartment is isolated from its electrical compartment, for a better safety of use.

Technical specifications

Electrical specifications :

  • Adjustable air flow from 30 to 100 litres/min, microprocessor controled. Please consult us for other ranges.
  • Detection of filter clogging or accidental leakages.
  • Display : 4 lines back-lit blue LCD screen
  • Simultaneous display of :
    - Sampling air flow
    - Duration and volume sampled since last start,
    - Pressure difference between inlet and outet of the sampling head (clogging)
    - Operation status
  • Sound alarm for all defect report
  • Report of defects via alarm relay output
  • Remote control via Ethernet (option)
  • On/off LED indicator
  • Pump operation LED indicator
  • Power supply : 230 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Max power consumption : 450 Watts
  • Differencial circuit breaker (30 mA)

Mechanical specifications :

  • Aluminium chassis
  • Dimensions (w x h x d) : 438 x 924 x 298 mm
  • Weight : 35 Kg
  • Decontaminable polyester powder paint
  • Dry rotary vane air pump : 30 to 100 litres/min
  • Mass flowmeter with P and T compensation (volumes in Nm3)
  • Key lockable housing
  • Paper filter holder : Ø 50 mm or 76 mm, cartridges : Ø 57 mm
  • Operational temperature : +2°C to + 45°C

Filter holder TPHP

The filter holder TPHP allows for a quick installation and recovery of the filters on the AS 5000.

A simple rotational movement of the handle releases the cartridge holder of filter paper holder without need of disconnecting it from the sampling circuit.

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Main features

- Automatic air flow regulation up to 100 litres per minute (6 Nm3/h)

- Mass flowmeter with Pressure and Temperature compensation : Display of the air flow in Nm3

- Sampling compartment and electrical separated

- Detection of filter clogging or accidental leakages

- Safety : Sampling head acess door with key lock, differential circuit breaker

- Alarm report via relay output, (optional ethernet output)

- Sampling parameters settings and clogging level threshold protected by access code

- Stationary installation (wall mount) or mobile installation on trolley.